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Online Scaffold calculator

Calculating the cost of of rent scaffolding

⚡ This video is an instruction for the online calculator for renting frame scaffolding of the company &quout;Scaffold Kiev&quout;. It is shown how you can independently draw a scaffold diagram and calculate its rental value and specification.

⚡ The process of drawing a diagram is quite simple. There is a canvas in the box on which we draw our scheme of scaffolding and below the ribbon with the elements ... First you need to select an element from the ribbon and then click on the canvas in the place where you want to draw it. If you use a mouse, you can drag and drop items ...

⚡ You can use the arrows to move the drawn scheme on the canvas up, right, down, left ... You can also clear the canvas with a cross, open an empty canvas for drawing in a new window, or increase the size of the canvas if your scheme is too large.

⚡ If you still have an empty canvas, then you can specify the dimensions of the initial structure diagram, which will automatically be displayed on the canvas. You will need to finish something or remove something from the diagram ...

⚡ Scaffolding elements are pretty simple:
rack-ladder, rack-walk-through, meter-long (standard, narrow), and corresponding cells with no flooring and with flooring (crossbars and boards).

⚡ You draw your scheme and at each stage the program automatically recalculates the rent of the set you painted for two weeks, a month or two months, its area, weight, delivery depending on weight, collateral value are for concluding a lease agreement

Online Scaffold calculator. Click and draw.

⚡ Details what you need to conclude a lease agreement of scaffolds.

⚡ You also get a detailed set of scaffolding according to your scheme ... A list of elements to assemble such a construction, by elemental and total weight and total selling price ... A detailed scheme of scaffolding assembly diagram.

⚡ You can print or send all this information to a friend, customer or foreman ...

⚡ You will see how easy it is to place an order in one click and reserve your scaffolds.

Click and draw. Calculate your design online.

Which kit of scaffolding you need:

  • Price Low without floor, you have a board 3.5-4m, and we will give only the rack-through, rack-ladder, base plate, horizontally and diagonally, anchoring to the wall if necessary.
  • Standard kit for private construction (flooring will be possible to be moved to the desired height)

    • up to 4m height - 1 working platform decking
    • up to 6m height - 1,5 - 2 working platforms of the deck on the entire length,
    • up to 8m - 2 working platforms along the entire length of forest 10m - 2-3 platform planks.
  • Complete kit for scale building: all decking all racks, base plate, horizontals and diagonals, crossbar. (The upper level will serve as guard).
See also:  Scaffold narrow width 69 cm
Mobile tower
💡 The price list for scaffolding rental is relevant at 01.05.2022.
    Now the minimal rent is:
  • 🟩 55 kop per square meter per day in a complete set without a floor,
  • 🟨 85 kop/sq.m., if the flooring covers 50% of the forest area,
  • 🟧 1,15 kop/sq.m., if the flooring lies on all the cells of the scaffolding.
Rental price in the table presented in the following format:
AAAZZZ, where AAA - rental price, UAH; ZZZ - the collateral amount, UAH.

  AAAZZZ  - weight kits are marked in peach color more than 2000 kg. Need 3-5t car. Delivery charges of such units is discussed separately.
Select the desired price list. Click here on the tab (down arrow) to see the rental price...

Actual Prices for 2022
Price - 55-60 cop/sq.m.
Base plates, racks-through, racks-ladders, horizontally and diagonally, anchoring to the wall if necessary.
Necessary you have the long planks of 3.5m (3m between racks), thickness of 50mm.

FOR THE MONTH [without decking]

30 daysScaffold length, m 
Scaffold height, m 6912151821 2427303336


FOR TWO WEEKS [without decking]

14 daysScaffold length, m 
Scaffold height, m 6912151821 2427303336


Example calculation of rent scaffolding:

144 sq.m. (18 x 8m): 18 x 8 x 0.45 UAH/sq.m x 30 days + 4 tiers-stairs x 72 UAH/month= 2235 UAH

150 sq.m. (15 x 10m): 15 x 10 x 0.45 UAH/sq.m x 30 days + 5 tiers-stairs x 72 UAH/month= 2385 UAH

168 sq.m. (21 x 8m): 21 x 8 x 0.45 UAH/sq.m x 30 days + 4 tiers-stairs x 72 UAH/month= 2556 UAH

192 sq.m. (24 x 8m): 24 x 8 x 0.45 UAH/sq.m x 30 days 4 tiers-stairs x 72 UAH/month= 2880 UAH


No long boards?

Then you need scaffolding with decking, order:

Standard set of scaffolding for private construction with boards .

Price - 85-95 cop/sq.m.
Base plates, racks-through, racks-ladders, horizontally and diagonally, anchoring to the wall if necessary. + Floor 50% {crossbar under shields and wooden shields}

FOR THE MONTH [with decking]

30 daysScaffold length, m Decking, number of rows
Scaffold height, m 6912151821 2427303336


FOR TWO WEEKS [with decking]

14 daysScaffold length, m Decking, number of rows
Scaffold height, m 6912151821 2427303336


How much is 1 sq.m. renting of scaffolds?

It all depends on the desired configuration and volume, but the average price 0,60 UAH/sq.m.


Example 1:

Rent 150 sq.m. (L=15, H=10) with two work areas (ie where workers to go) is 2900 UAH per calendar month (30 or 31 days).

Total of 2900 uah/150 sq.m./30 days = 0.64 uah/sq.m./day

2900 uah/150 sq.m./31 days = 0.62 uah/sq.m./day


Example 2:

Rent 192 sq.m. (L=24, H=8) with two work areas (where workers to go) is 3700 UAH per calendar month (30 or 31 days).

Total is from 3700 uah/192 sq.m./30 days = 0.64 uah/sq.m./day

3700 uah/192 sq.m./31 days = 0.62 uah/sq.m./day



Types of decking

Decking of scaffolding - this is something than workes go on the scaffolding.

Decking is 2-types:
  • Crossbars and shields {2 crossbars and 2-3 shieldsone are placed on section of scaffolding}.
  • Board 50 mm x 220 mm, length of 4 m. {Two boards is placed on section usually}.
Crossbars and shields are recommended at high height.

photo are shows scaffolding with a wooden full deck mounted on the wall with balcony slabs

Is it true that the crossbar give extra rigidity of scaffolding?

  • No, not true. Rigidity is provided by diagonally and horizontally. Racks not move apart if the diagonal and horizontal will be installed in sufficient quantity.

How much should be horizontals and diagonals?

According to one diagonal and horizontal section, as suggested by our partners, is clearly not enough and not safe.
  • Why is that?
  • Assemble the section with 2 racks, 1 diagonal, 1 horizontal. Put 2 board. And try to get on it. It is unlikely that you have something to get done on these scaffolds. Racks will diverge.
  • If you put 2 pins and 2 board rack are not disperse?
  • True, but can bend. And it will not be the stiffness, as We need 2 diagonal. You probably will not be putting decking (crossbar and panels) in each section.
We complete scaffolding for every 2 sections: 3 horizontal and 2 diagonal. If the colon is constructed from one section to the length and number of sections in height - we give you two diagonal and one horizontal line on each section.

Need a full deck?

Please. We load and bring. But note that in the elongated high gazelle; (with overdrive) is available for download:
  • 400 - 450 sq.m. without scaffolding deck;
  • 200 square meters with a floor of 50% (crossbars and shields) or 75 - 100% of the decking boards 50mm (instead crossbars and shields);
  • 150 square meters of scaffolding with a full deck (crossbars and shields).

You need more than 200 sq.m. and no desire to flip deck (the crossbar under boards, panels or boards), but there is a desire and ability to:
  • To unload the car of 3t or 5t instead 1.5t? (complete flooring significantly increases 1.5 times the weight and volume)
  • In addition to pay more for delivery and removal? (cost file has been downloaded and unloading the car in stock, transportation)
  • There are additional free money for bail?
More details and price on:

A complete set of scaffolding with decking on each tier.
Price - 1,15-1,25 cop/sq.m.
Base plate, racks-through, racks-ladders, horizontal and diagonal ties.
+Floor {crossbar under shields and wooden shields or boards}
Upper level will serve as guard
Jacks adjustable, clamps for compound angles, anchoring to the wall if necessary
photo are shows scaffolding with a wooden full deck mounted on the wall with balcony slabsphoto are shows scaffolding with a wooden full deck mounted on the wall with balcony slabsScaffold with a full deck of planks 50mm.Example of proper installation of scaffolding on the wall from the balcony slabs and installation of gable racks. Scaffolding secured.

Example 1:  Calculation of weight boardwalk 150 sq.m. scaffolding.

  • The area of the cell scaffolding 3 x 2 = 6 sq.m. In this section need two or three boards 50 mm x 220 mm x 4 m.
  • One board takes a volume of 0.050 x 0.220 x 4 = 0,044 cubic meters/pc.
  • Number of boards = 150 square meters / 6m.kv x 2 pcs = 50 pcs. Or 50 pcs x 0,044 m³/pc = 2.2 cubic meters.
  • Weight of 1 cubic meter, the density of pine boards - 850 kg / cubic meter. Consequently, the weight of the entire deck of 2.2 cubic meters x 850 kg / cubic meter = 1870 kg.

Example 2:  Calculating the weight of racks and horizontal and diagonal braces 150 sq.m. scaffolding. ( L= 15 m  x H = 10 m)

  • rack with ladder - 10 x 15.26 kg / pc = 152.6 kg.
  • pass-through racks - 20 pcs x 11.76 kg / pc = 235.2 kg.
  • diagonals - 38 pcs x 4.01 kg / pc = 152.38 kg.
  • horizontals - 25 pcs x 3.64 kg / pc = 91 kg.
  • Total 631.18 kg.
The calculation does not take into account the weight support plate, jacks, clamps, mounts to the wall, side stops, transition strips, side platforms meter racks, connecting pipes for the colony. Package reinforced racks scaffolding for brick masonry will weigh more.

Example 3:  The calculation of the weight of the metal deck (crossbars + wooden billboards) 150 sq.m. scaffolds. ( L = 15 m  x H = 10 m)

  • steel crossbar - 50 pc x 8.63 kg/pc = 431.5 kg.
  • Wooden billboard - 50 pc x 30 kg/pc = 1500 kg.
  • Total 1,931.5 kg.

Please contact the manager for details.

* Actual prices are indicated on 01.05.2022 (not advertising) at the conclusion of the lease agreement for a period of 1 month. When concluding a lease for another term price is negotiated individually.



We do not impose your standard KITs, and can deliver the any volume facade scaffolding for a month (or two weeks)


How to draw and calculate your scaffolds online

Just enter the parameters of your home in the form below, and click the "calculate" button:

Set the size of your home
Height H:, m
Height Hf:, m
Side A:, m.
Side B:, m.

Type of flooring:
number of rows:
450 mm:

If you did not specify the number of jacks,    
This kit is equipped with a default support heels unregulated.

A simplified scaffold rental cost calculator for a private home.
  Online Scaffold calculator. Click and draw.

Click and draw. Calculate your design online.

Or set the dimensions of the initial construction
Construction length, m

Multiply 3m
Construction height, m

Multiply 2m

number of rows of bolts and shields or

number of rows of planks
Jacks 450 mm
pediment, m:
Type of scaffolding and flooring:

If you did not specify the number of jacks,    
This kit is equipped with a default support heels unregulated.    

It is necessary to indicate not the height of the wall, but the full height of the scaffolding.    
When calculating the area and price, an odd height is considered as a large even.    
The price is the same, and the package bundle is different. At odd heights, meter stands are added.

Frequently Asked Questions about renting scaffolding:

Terms of rent scaffolding.

  1. The signing of the lease contract scaffolding, in which fixed number of all elements and the rental period.
  2. Payment of rent for the desired rental period.
  3. Adding a minimum deposit amount for scaffolding, which is 3000 UAH (54 sq.m), 3500 UAH (72 sq.m), 4500 UAH (100 sq.m), 5000-5500 UAH (120 sq.m), 6000-6500 UAH (150 sq.m), 7500-8000 UAH (200 sq.m).

    The amount of the deposit depends on the selected equipment of the scaffolding: the number of flooring, clamps, jacks, anchorages, etc.
  4. Payment of delivery scaffolding on your construction site.
The deposit is returned when you return the complete set of rented scaffolding.
You pay for removal of scaffolding from your object.

How to save money when renting scaffolding!

  1. Due to the fact that the construction objects often have long boards 50 mm thick, you can choose a cheaper kit, without a floor and use their boards as flooring.
  2. Many customers wooden shields are simply not needed. Because there are pallets out of bricks. Price is calculated with a standard set of 50% flooring, which consists of steel crossbars and shields, ie 50% crossbars and 50% shields. We can be equipped with 100% crossbars, on the price of standard boards kit.

We are happy to give a discount to those who flooring or panels do not need.

Flooring of boards, which lay directly on the rack.Flooring for Scaffolding: bolts and shields. Bolts are used as beams for shields.

The photo shows how to look the flooring boards, which replaces the flooring of the crossbars and shields.

Frame scaffolding passport, lightweight

Delivery charges scaffolding

Delivery charges forest in Kiev - 600 UAH. Region - is calculated individually.

Delivery charge scaffolding over the region from the city is approximately:

  • up to 10 km - 600 - 700 UAH,
  • up to 20 km - 700 - 800 UAH,
  • up to 30 km - 800 - 900 UAH,
  • up to 40 km - 900 - 1000 UAH,
  • up to 50 km - 1000 - 1100 UAH,
  • up to 60 km from the city - 1100-1200 UAH.
Preferential direction of delivery:

Shipping cost:
  • Irpen', Bucha, Zabuch'e, Vorzel, Dmitrovka, Krasnoe, M.Rubezhovka, Kapitanovka, Chayki, Gorenka, Gostomel', Stoyanka, Gorenichi, Belogorodka, Petrovskoe (Vishnevoe), Kryukovshchina, Gatne, Chabany, Khotov, Pogreby, Bortnichi - 600 UAH.
  • Kremenishche, Kruglik, Ivankovichi, Marhalevka, Tarasovka, Yurovka, Lesniki, Vyshgorod, Osedschina, Hotyanovka, Novi Petrivtsi, Zazim'e - 650 UAH.

These are not all the settlements in which the preferential delivery of scaffolding, so call and ask about the cost.

Remunerated removal? Or delivery includes removal?

Yes. Removal must be paid at the conclusion of the contract (or by agreement when you rent out scaffolding).

It often happens that the customer requires working "accelerate". Hence there is a need to take more scaffolding at a construction site. It may happen that the current volume of scaffolding need a car with greater carrying capacity. In this case, the cost will be different.

If you do not plan to order more anything, the cost of removal will be equivalent to the cost of delivery.

Do you make a discount for renting scaffolding?

Rental price scaffolding frame construction can be reduced depending on the term of the lease and the area should be covered.

You can pay rent for 2 months at once - in this case, you will receive a discount of 8%. Discount amount in UAH depends on the chosen set of scaffolding rental.


Pay scaffolds kit 12 x 8 m without a floor for 2 months - UAH 1325 x 2 x 0,08 = UAH 212 - Your discount for forests.

Kit scaffolding 150 sq.m. with decking for 2 months - 2249 UAH x 2 x 0,08 = UAH 360 - Your discount for forests


High structure. Renting of scaffolds Kiev.


Good luck in your work and life !

Best regards, "Scaffolding Kiev"


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