Articles about renting scaffolding

Here you can find interesting information about the use of scaffolding in construction. What you need to know about renting scaffolds. Facts from the life of superintendents and workers from all over Ukraine and Kiev. Articles about the safe use and installation of scaffolding.

Briefly our competitive advantages:

Scaffolding installation video
Training video on how to install and uninstall scaffolding.

What company LESA KIEV is better than others, why is it more profitable to rent scaffolds from us
The advantages of the company 'LESA KIEV'. What you should pay attention to.

You would not chase Pop for cheap! Or how not to be deceived by entering into a scaffolding rental agreement.
It focuses on what you need to pay attention, so as not to feel deceived when entering into a scaffold lease agreement.

What guarantees you our company LESA KIEV.
Guarantees from the company 'LESA KIEV'. Than we are the best ...

Rent of narrow frame scaffolding
Leasing of narrow scaffolds is indispensable when the distance between the building and the fence is too small.

Your house will be like a toy in the hands of builders !!!

With our improved light, strong and reliable frame scaffolding !!!

List of articles:

Rack-ladder. Rack-pass.
Application and use rack-ladder rack-pass of scaffolding.

Wooden scaffolding. Or how to do without renting scaffolds.
See how people use homemade wood scaffolding. This allows them to save a lot and do without renting scaffolding when building a house and repairing the facade.

Brave people of happiness, and maybe better to rent a scaffold?
Examples of how people risk their own lives for the sake of saving on rental of scaffolding and building towers. Unusual photos. Not recommended for imitation.

Use of facade scaffolding for masonry
What scaffolds are needed for masonry? What is the difference? And how to use them? A good example: see how our scaffolds use our customers to lay bricks and foam blocks.

Why can not order scaffolds in square meters. Total landlord conspiracy

Why can not order scaffolds in square meters. Total landlord conspiracy

Details in the figures contain information on how scaffolding is calculated, what initial data are needed to make an order correctly. Typical mistakes of customers for which you need to pay later.

Most companies impose what they have
We produce only what you really need.

We bring non-flimsy scaffolds to the object.

Additional elements increase the speed of scaffold installation.
Comfort, safety and performance of facade work.

You just understand.

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