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Production of scaffolding

Leases scaffolding, standard and custom, accessories:

  • scaffolding frame facade lightweight for facade work and reinforced security for tall buildings,
  • to perform brick masonry and pouring reinforced belt,
  • adjustable step height of 2m or 0.5m
  • side rests for mobile scaffolding,
  • clamps rotary and non-rotary for rigid connectiтп sections with each other or with the wall of the building,
  • Wall mounting anchor and gripping device,
  • jacks standard for small drops and reinforced long for big drops and staircases,
  • remote straps and winches to rise for lighter loads,
  • standard lightweight racks and racks with ladder, strengthened racks for brick masonry,
  • standard rack wide and narrow rack wide - if the fence does not allow to build scaffolding,
  • rack height of 2 meters or 1 meter - if the overhang of the roof you cann't install a complete section of scaffolding to reach the top of the front of the building or the roof,
  • scaffolding to mount or repair the roof
  • Flooring: crossbars and wooden planks are placed on crossbars or boards,
  • horizontals and diagonals to bypass the tower or semicircular structures and buildings,
  • crossbars are standard or elongated to bypass canopies over the front door or garage door that could leave the car in the performance of construction work,
  • fixed and adjustable base plates.

Leases mobile-towers:

  • for interior and exterior use,
  • mobile with wheels and side boards or immobile, fixed,
  • devices to be installed on stairs,
  • step installation of platforms is 0.5m. You may install more than 2-working platforms,
  • scaffolding for painting of bridgework.

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