Passport scaffolding construction


Scaffolding frame, lightweight LRSP-200

1. Product purpose

Lightweight construction frame scaffold LSPR-200 - are used in a facade and decorating. Scaffolding LSPR-200 going up to a height of forty feet. Diameter of the tube - 42 mm, thickness of metal - 2.0 mm.

2. Specifications of frame scaffolding

1Max. height scaffoldingm40
2Step working deck heightm2 (0,5)
3Step along the front deckm3
4Width of deckm1
5The regulatory burden on the deckkg / m.200

3. Elements of building woods

Frame with ladder

1. Frame with a ladder - an element of frame scaffold, which serves as side rails and ladder for lifting the working layer. The frame is made of a pipe 42 mm, wall thickness - 2.0 mm. Element size 2.0 x 1.0 m on each side frame is fitted with a lever lock for securing horizontal and diagonal connections. Frame weight with stairs - 15.26 kg.

Ram checkpoint

2. Ram checkpoint - used to increase the forest to the required height, is placed in the middle of the construction scaffolding. Element is made - a pipe 42 mm, wall thickness - 2.0 mm. Size 2.0 x 1.0 m on each side frame is fitted with a lever lock for securing horizontal and diagonal connections. Weight-through frame - 11.76 kg.

According to the wishes of our customers, we have changed the design of the frame with a ladder. 
Because, for example, at the height of the house 6.5 - 7.0 m is not enough 2-tiers of scaffolding, which is why they give the height of the leg work and 4 m, respectively, workers can not reach the height of 6.5 - 7.0 m if the build 3 storey, the height is 6 feet m, which is inconvenient to work at a height of 6.5 - 7.0 mMODERNIZED FRAME with a ladder when used at the top level instead of passing frames - will allow for assembly in 3 tiers to build the operating level for the feet of the working - 4.5 m, 5.0 m, 5.5 m, 6.0 mUpgraded frame would move the working deck height - 0.5 m


Frame with ladderFrame with ladder
OLD FRAME with stairsMODERNIZED frame with Stairs

3. Diagonal - used to tie a diagonal frame with a ladder and walk-through frames. Also acts as a diagonal tie back fence. If the height of building facades forests up to 14 m is permitted for one diagonal to each section of forests instead of two. Diagonal is made of pipe diameter of 25 mm, wall thickness - 2.0 mm, length - 3.3 m Weight item - 4,01 kg.


4. Horizontal - used for fences and horizontal ties frame construction.Placed horizontally on the part of repairing the building facade to each section of scaffolding. Horizontal tie is made of a pipe diameter of 25 mm, wall thickness - 2.0 mm, length - 3.05 m Weight element - 3.64 kg.

Girth rail

5. Rigel - serves as a support on which are stacked wooden decks.Rigel also performs some functions of the horizontal and diagonal ties - makes frames converges and diverges, clearly fixes the distance between them 3m crossbar made of shaped tube 50h30 mm, length 3.06 m, wall thickness - 2.0 mm, with a gripping poluellipsnymi from the band 50h5 mm. Element weight - 8.63 kg.


6. Screw jack (supports adjustable) - is in the frame of the lower tier of forest, is used to equalize the level tier and small. Element galvanized, diameter 34 mm, working load 110 kN.


7. Wooden flooring - used for the movement of people on the labor tier scaffolding. Element is made of boards 35 mm (50 mm). Element weight - 20 kg (30 kg). Size of wood flooring - 1.0 x 1.0 m


8. A lever lock scaffolding - used to fix the fence elements with frame construction, fixing the diagonal and horizontal ties. Element is made of galvanized steel - a circle with a diameter 12.0 mm, 50 mm, the plate - 2.0 mm. Element weight - 0.05 kg.

4. Conditions for mounting frame scaffold building facade lightweight

Before mounting the scaffold should:

1. Familiar with the design 
2. Please check your installation of forests. 
3. Verify the completeness of the collected design to a predetermined height and length. 
4. To prepare the site, which will be assembled scaffolding.

5. Mounting frame scaffolding

1. At pre-tamped shall be located parallel to each other, step three meters, wooden boards, which exposes the screw supports (6). To screw supports dress frame scaffolding. On each side of the assembly with a ladder frame dress (1), within the construction put-through frame (2). Frames are set to the required length assignment. Between a frame contract to horizontal (4) and diagonal (3) bonds. Placed horizontally from the front, parallel to the ground at the top of each section, diagonal - the back of the design. At high altitude are set diagonally cross XXXXX, and at altitudes up to 14 m - one in each section of the zigzag \ / \ / \ / \ / in each level, and so that was the end of one diagonal extension following the transition to the next tier.Example:


| \ | / | \ | / | \ | 
| / | \ | / | \ | / | 
| \ | / | \ | / | \ | 
| / | \ | / | \ | / | 
| \ | / | \ | / | \ |

Horizontal and diagonal connections are attached to the frames with a lever lock with ladders or straight-through frames. 2. After assembly of the first tier of forest cover with its bolts. On the crossbar laid wooden floors, two (or three) for each tier. Begin to collect a second tier of scaffolding frame in a first stage. We continue this procedure build forests to set the desired height.


Installation instructions

3. Starting from the third tier, necessarily fasten scaffolding frame to the wall. The means of attachment to the wall on the frame is in a checkerboard pattern along the length of a single frame, and the height at each stage from the third. Frame top tier fixed everything. Do not forget that the wall mount design is carried out simultaneously with the installation of the frames.

Fixing scheme

- When the fastener construction scaffolding to the wall coincides with the opening, secured forests should be inside the building, through the opening. 
- Illegal collection of people on the same floor of forests, the load on the floor, shall not exceed the permissible load. 
- Installers, working, working at Scaffolding should have special harnesses for working at height. 
- Works with the facade will be made ​​only after complete assembly structure of forests. 
- Every day, before starting work, the person should check the reliability of the installation frame scaffold. 
- If the materials submitted by the forest hoisting equipment, such arrangements should not be attached to the forests, and the wall of the facade. 
- Scaffolding must be grounded and equipped with a lightning rod. 
- The forest is not allowed persons who are not relevant to be observed.

6. Dismantling of construction - scaffolding

To start dismantling forests frame construction is necessary to make cleaning the workers tiers, clearing them of debris and working tool. Disassembly from the last tier in reverse order during construction.

7. Storage and transportation of scaffolding

- Before loading the frame scaffold in the car, they should be well sorted, small items are best to rewind tape or put in boxes. 
- When loading and unloading of items prohibited forest throw-fold. 
- Storage frame scaffolds must flow in closed warehouses or covered areas. 
- The metal parts shall be placed on wooden pallets and do not touch the ground.

8. Warranty on frame facade lightweight wood.

Warranty period - 1 year from the date of receipt of goods to the customer. Year construction timber frame construction __________ Date of sale design frame scaffold construction __________

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