Video of installation, assembly and dismantling of scaffolding


Heel is a lightweight frame stand scaffolding. Rack with ladder rack communicating, ie Front facade any steel scaffolding put on this heel support.


This video shows mounting plate facade scaffold to the building wall. Rack building steel frame scaffold clamp connected to this mounting plate and mounting plate itself with anchors attached to the wall of the building.


This clamp is used for the installation and assembly of scaffolding, connects the mounting plate to the wall: rack and scaffolding.


The main element of lightweight frame scaffold. Steel rack with ladder façade scaffolding mounted vertically on the rule: rack in the rack. Dimensions: width of 1 m, height - 2 m in height Step flooring installation - 0.5 m for rack with ladder, or 2 m for passing the bar.


In a rack of stairs - 4 jumpers. The step between the jumpers is 0.5 m. This remarkable feature allows the use of racks-stairs for brickwork or brick cladding.


On the rack frame facade scaffold placed steel girders of scaffolding. Ie flooring consists of girders and wooden shields. When mounting assembly scaffolding may use the board 3.5-4 m long and 50 mm thick instead of steel girders and wooden shields.


The video shows the process of assembly and disassembly of the steel frame facade scaffolding. Detailed video shows how to assemble and install and mount scaffolding to the wall using clamps and brackets to the wall, disassemble them after use and store element to element. Clearly able to make sure that the installation of scaffolding is not complicated. To assemble scaffold do not need special knowledge and additional staff. The entire installation process quickly and easily make workers doing facade work.


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