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Photo scaffolding

On this page you can see pictures of our scaffolding which we offer for rent. Buy Scaffold expensive about 10 thousand UAH per 100 square meters, so take Scaffold hire - a better alternative than buying expensive scaffolding.

To enlarge the picture of scaffolding and see description of the design of scaffolding need to click the left mouse button on the desired image. You can also use the mouse wheel scrolling in the zoomed image.

Photos of individual elements of our scaffolding.

Construction and installation of scaffolding at 5-rises and high-rises.

Scaffolding on wooden lining without heels and without jacks
Scaffolding on wooden lining without heels.
Our scaffolding is equipped with supporting heels always. But sometimes on large objects foremen refuse to supporting heels, so as not to be responsible in case of loss or theft. Since the support heels are rather small elements, they are often lost.
Scaffolding collected around a 5-storey building
Bending of scaffolding, fastening to an uneven wall. The scaffold are quite versatile, they are used on any complex facades: even on semi-circular and to bypass the tower.
Height of scaffolding up to 40 m
Our scaffolds can be built not only on five floors, but on nine and sixteen floors.
Frame lightweight scaffolding very stable
Scaffolding facade on a 5 storey building in Bucha.
Steel scaffolding. Metal thickness 2mm, and therefore non-clammy and light
Frame scaffolding
Facade frame scaffolding at the facility in Bucha.
Paint scaffolding. Customer has ordered a kit with incomplete flooring
Scaffolding on the five-story building
Our scaffolding in Bucha.
Frame scaffolding - 7 tiers in height
Calculation of scaffolding example
Rental of the front scaffolds. We will calculate the equipment and bring what you need.
We have all! There are meter stands for gables, jacks, fastening to the wall with clamps, mobile platforms and much more.
Fastening scaffolding anchors
Fastening to the wall using thick wire and anchors with rings.
It is recommended to use a perpendicular anchoring of steel plate and pipe and fixed or rotary clamps
Scaffolding anchor
Fastening to the wall must be done necessarily at heights of more than 6-8m.
Fastening to the wall of scaffolding - a pledge of safety of facade work
Connecting scaffolding racks
Fastening scaffolds.
Do not suffer so much! Take from us collars and connecting pipes.
An example of an alternative fastening of facade scaffolding to a house wall
An example is the people's grandfather's fastening of scaffolding to the wall of a building with the help of a wire.
The fastening of the scaffolding to the building should be carried out using a special anchoring or gripping and a fixed or rotary clamp. Such savings can end badly.
Scaffolding delivery
Delivery scaffolding effected to Kiev and across Kiev region.
Delivery to the regions of Ukraine is discussed separately.
Safety in the installation of scaffolding
High constructions - Installation of our scaffolding is possible at a height of 40 m. Of course, it is necessary to fix the scaffolding to the wall. Safety first. Installing scaffolding does not violate safety. After all, safety is the key to a quick and successful completion of construction work. And then it will be cheaper for you.
All elements of scaffolding are flat
Installing scaffolding is easy.
Minimum backlash due to its high precision fabrication. The racks fit tightly into each other.
Quality control of scaffolding production
Permanent quality control and the condition of all elements of the scaffold. Own hydraulic stand for recovering and repairing racks.
Scaffold rental for high-rise construction
You can see our scaffolding at many construction sites, especially in the Kiev region. We have established ourselves as a reliable and best company in this segment. You can be sure that the scaffolding you have ordered will be on your site by the arrival of the builders. Your builders will not have to sit back because of the lack of scaffolding.
The customer ensures the safety of scaffolding
Scaffold protection - The customer ensures the safety of scaffolding. All missing items are compensable. We do not accept items that are from other scaffolds, even if they are compatible with ours, because we cannot be responsible for the quality of our foreign products
How to hand over scaffolding
Acceptance of scaffolding - You need to disassemble scaffolding and sort by each element and fold. Contaminated parts should be cleaned of building materials: plaster, paint, cement mortar
New scaffolding for rent
We are only renting out new or as new scaffolding. Constantly update all components of scaffolds
Act of acceptance of the transfer of scaffolding
Scaffolds should be disassembled cleaned and folded. Reception and delivery of scaffolds.
Sort the scaffold elements before delivery
Sorting items - All scaffolding items must be sorted for easy counting. Racks to the racks, diagonals and horizontals sorted, bolts to the crossbars, shields to the shields. We can provide you with any volumes of scaffolding for rent.
Narrow scaffolding structures
Narrow structures of scaffolding.
Length - 6 m, and the height of the construction of scaffolding - 10 m. The design is stable and not flimsy.
Flooring boards and scaffolding boards.
Types of scaffolding: the first level of the flooring is the board, the second is scaffold boards, the third level is incomplete
Combination of scaffolding boards and boards
Building scaffolding with incomplete flooring, the combination with scaffold boards and long boards

Racks, horizontals, diagonals, bolts, shields - the main elements of scaffolding.
Quick and easy installation on a private cottage.

Scaffold rigel
Crossbar flooring with hook. Powerful hooks from a strip 50 x 5 mm - reliable fastening of crossbars on racks of the construction scaffolds. The crossbar is made of durable steel rectangular tube 50 x 30 x 2 mm
Rigel decking frame scaffolds
The scaffolding crossbar is mounted on racks at the required height. 2 pcs per span. Wooden shields are placed on the bolts.
Front Rack of frame scaffolding
Front Rack used inside the construction of scaffolding. People pass through it, that's why its name is Front Rack
Horizontal and diagonal frame scaffold
Diagonal and horizontal connections. Diagonal, horizontal serve as braces for scaffolding racks. Fastened with flag locks.
Rack with ladder scaffolds for brickwork
It is used for raising workers and setting the height with a multiplicity of 0.5 m, instead of 2 m. Scaffolds with such racks instead of walk-through is also used as scaffolding for masonry foam block or brick veneer facade facing bricks.
Dismantling scaffolding
On each frame 4 flag lock. That allows different options to connect the rack with horizontal and diagonal bracing.
How to assemble the Scaffold example
An example of building scaffolding.
What is the flag scaffolding for
Flag lock scaffolding.
Construction and installation of scaffolding
Installation of scaffolding.
photo of mounting scaffolding
How to collect scaffolding.
We will deliver you scaffolding in the Kiev region
Delivery of scaffolding - When accepting construction scaffolding, the customer is obliged to accept the quantity of parts strictly according to the acceptance certificate, recalculate all the quantity and fill in the column the state of the elements of construction scaffolding. We bring only serviceable items and want to return to us the same and without damage
How to make installation of scaffolding
Installation of scaffolding - Installation can be carried out on one, two, or all the walls of a building. It all depends on the size of the building, the number of workers who can simultaneously work on different walls and the financial well-being of the customer. If on-site work only 2 persons, then build a timber around the perimeter is not effective from the point of view of total construction costs
Installation our scaffolding is so easy
The advantage is a very fast installation of scaffolding.
New scaffolds for rent
New scaffolding for rent.
Restoration of elements of scaffolding
Scaffolding for brickwork and cladding
Facing the building with bricks - For the convenience of cladding, we changed the design of the rack with the stairs. Since The old construction of scaffolding racks, which is shown in this figure, makes it possible to establish a pitch of only a multiple of 2 m. A new rack design allows you to set a pitch of 0.5 m. New racks with a ladder are painted blue like all our new scaffoldings are now offered for rent. See other photos on this page.

Photos of additional elements and accessories for scaffolding.

We offer our customers a wide range of additional accessories to scaffolding. But only some of them are presented in the photos for review. They can be extremely useful for you when performing finishing and front works. We will provide you with a brief description of each item, its capabilities and specifications, if required.

Jacks and support heels.

  • Jacks 450 mm long for alignment of not significant differences in height.
  • Jacks 450mm long, you can take from us in any quantity and install the scaffold strictly on the level.
  • Jacks have a special nut, thanks to which the rack clearly rests on the entire plane of the nut and the load distribution falls on the entire jack.
  • Visual comparison of 450mm and 1m jacks - particularly noticeable thickness of the two jacks and the difference in the support surface. All jacks have a certificate of conformity.
  • Support heels prevent punching, destruction of the supporting wooden backing, which can lead to falling of the racks and roll of the scaffolding.
  • Heel support made from steel substrate with a thickness of 5 mm and a pin component with a thickness of 2 mm.
  • Each heel has four holes for possible attachment to the floor and can prevent the racks from shifting from another foreign force, for example, if they are accidentally engaged by vehicles, a forklift, and other mechanical objects.
  • Support heels are necessary to ensure uniform load of scaffolding.
  • Below is an example of the installation of standard jacks 450mm with a slight difference in height to 30-35cm.
  • The heels we produce ensure the reliability of scaffolding and reduce your fears.
  • Our company provides the heels and, if necessary jacks in any quantities.
Jacks 450 mm long for leveling minor height differences.Jacks 450mm long rent in any quantity. KievJacking nut for scaffolding.Visual comparison of the thickness of 450mm and 1m jacks for scaffolding racks.Support heels to prevent punching, destruction of the supporting wooden backing, falling down of racks and roll of scaffolding.The thickness of the substrate of the support heel steel - 5mm, the thickness of the metal pin for the scaffolding rack - 2mmEach heel has four holes for possible attachment to the floor.Support heels ensure load transfer evenly.An example of how to use jacks for scaffoldingSupport heels increase the reliability of scaffolding designAny volume heel for rent

Transition strips and reinforced meter jacks.

  • Threshold strip in the enhanced jacks 1m length needed to apply these long jacks to the racks of scaffolds to equalize significant differences at the level of the surface of scaffolding.
  • With the help of the transition bar and reinforced 1 m jacks, you can set up racks of scaffolding even with very steep slopes
  • See below for an example of a comparison of conventional jacks 450mm and 1m jacks. Visually visible difference in the installation of jacks. Now the level drop to one meter is within your reach.
  • Meter racks, racks of selection of height always available. If necessary, you can order mounting to the wall and other elements.
  • Side mounts, support heels, meter racks, height adjustment racks are always available and will always help you to reduce the time when installing scaffolding.
  • Take a look at an example of installing reinforced meter jacks on the rack. Overall dimensions in width in this case vary slightly. But in the condition of small space this circumstance cannot be ignored.
  • An example of installation of standard 450mm jacks for visualization of the adjustable distance with height differences.
  • Rack meter, protective, rack height selection - used for hemming gables, if the standard 2m rack does not fit under the roof or visor. It can also be used as a fence with a set of horizontals.
Adapter plate for installing reinforced jacks in conventional racks.Adapter plate and long reinforced jacks are used for very steep slopes of the ground surfaceAn example of the comparison of conventional and elongated jacks. 450 mm. 1000 mm.Meter racks, rack height selection under the gable of the roof and scaffolding fencingWe offer to rent the side fixing bearing heel meter rack, rack height selection.An example of setting the gain meter jacks with Adapter plate on a rack with a ladder facade scaffolding.An example of the installation of standard 450mm jacks.Rack meter, protective, rack selection of height for the gable of the roof or as a rack protective.

Fixed and rotary clamps and various wall-mounting.

  • Different types of attachments to help securely attach to the scaffold walls, balconies, and other elements of the facade. Using the right type of attachment (rigid or with hooks) of different lengths, you can always securely fastening the scaffolding to the facade of the building
  • Our company offers its clients for rent various types of side fixings to the wall, providing you with reliable protection at height. These simple elements will help ensure the required safety on scaffolds.
  • The range that our company has will always help you find the right scaffolds and securely fix them.
  • We offer branded clamps Turkish production EN-74, which are the best for scaffolding, you will always be satisfied with their quality
  • The clamp consists of half-round hooks, T-bolts and nuts. Easy to install and easy to remove from scaffolding pillars.
Different types of fastenings of the construction scaffolds to a wall: long and short, bolted and with hooks anchor.Renting various types of side fixings to the wall - reliable protection at height.Anchoring with grip. Standard and elongated. Safety on scaffolding.Photos of the warehouse of the company "Lesa Kiev", a large assortment of scaffold elements for reliable fixation.Turkish branded rotary building clamps EN-74Clamp for mounting and gripping the rack.

Side stops to the scaffolding and towers-tours and clamps.

  • Using the side stops of a small size, you can always secure the scaffolding so as to avoid roll. We also recommend using jacks of various lengths.
  • Side stops are also used as expanders for the work site on scaffolding. It is enough to turn them in one or the other direction.
Side stops for scaffolding and construction tower tours. Small size, secure fit, suitable for jacks.Extender (triangle) of the working platform, platform.

Reception and transmission of scaffolding.

  • When receiving and transmitting scaffolding, it is recommended to stack the shields in bundles in bars to the bottom. So you can easily count them and review their status.
  • The process of recalculating the components of scaffolding is minimized and greatly simplified if you add horizontals and diagonals into separate piles.
  • It is desirable to fold rigel separately from contour lines and diagonals. This will give you an increase in scaffolding installation speed In addition - it is easier to count everything.
  • It is advisable to fold scaffolding posts horizontally, one on another, with a slight shift to the left and right, with the pins strictly in one direction. This makes it easy to notice the bumps, the integrity of the rack and the pin connection.
Fold the construction flooring, wooden shields in bundles in bars to the bottom when receiving and transmitting scaffolding.The process of converting elements of scaffolding: racks, horizontals, diagonals in separate piles.The process of installation scaffolds. Fold diagonal ties and bolts separately.The process of putting scaffolding. Racks luchshe put separately pins in one direction.

Photo examples of mounting scaffolding for warming a private house.

  • Facadees often use available building materials for leveling the plane for the installation of scaffolding. They save money, do not order and do not use jacks.
  • If desired, scaffolding can be installed on any site, even when there is a barrier or entry to the basement.
  • Scaffolding may well be complemented by boards. It does not require additional elements: crossbars for shields, etc. But we note that the board in this case should have a thickness of at least 45-50mm. It is not safe to use thinner boards with a thickness of less than 50mm.
  • When you have a significant supply of wood, the work is performed several times faster. Boards can be temporarily used as flooring for scaffolding. Especially on the corners. You can throw boards between the bar and the balcony, etc.
  • Installing scaffolding requires site preparation and conceptualization of the entire structure. Installation speed with mindless assembly often leads to re-swap scaffolds and loss of time.
  • Filing the pediment at the height requires the faders of high professionalism and the ability to properly install scaffolding.
50 mm board is used when installing the roof, ideal as flooring for scaffolding.Full set of scaffolding. Saving money: supporting heels on bricks without jacks.A complete set without jacks can be installed on any site with barriers and a basement.The complete set is complemented by boards instead of rigs and construction wooden boards.An example of the beginning of the installation of scaffolding. Preparation of the working platform, thinking about thinking over the structure.Warming up the pediment of a house at a height requires proper installation of scaffolding.Warming of the cottage, hemming the roof, flooring 2 rows, flooring boards.Warming of the cottage, hemming the roof, flooring 2 rows of building boards for scaffolding, flooring boards.

Scaffolding on the roof covered with metal tiles.

  • The installation of scaffolding can be done even on the roof of buildings using home-made devices in the form of a wooden base, made in such a way that the slope of the base is the same as the slope of the roof.
Installation and installation of scaffolding on the roof of the building. Homemade fixtures.

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