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Very simple and fast assembly of scaffolding

Rapid assembly of scaffolding, exampleScaffolding facade of our company you often meet at construction sites throughout Ukraine. They are used in the repair and restoration of buildings, cottages, country houses, as well as in brick masonry.


Assembly diagram and assigning elements of scaffolding

Facade Scaffolding is a construction of the rack uprights, size 2m x 1m, with pipe diameter of 42 mm, installed at a distance of 3m. Workers raised to the required height on rack with stairs, ie to the desired layer. Through the rack-pass people freely passes on each tier.

Scheme of assembly and installation.

Racks are connected by horizontal and diagonal bracing, which stiffen the whole the metal structure and at the same time serve as a enclosure of working area.

Compound racks uprights and diagonals, horizontals produced by rotary (a lever) locks attached to frames welded method. Vertical rack connected way "pipe-in-pipe". The maximum height of 40 m.

On the rack are put crossbars and wooden planks are placed on crossbars

Separate elements themselves easily, so assembly and disassembly can safely carry only two people. There is no need to use any lifts.


Narrow Scaffold assembly diagram and the appointment of elements

Short distance between buildings, between the building and the fence, garage, etc. - One of the main problems with insulation of facades, as it is impossible to build a common scaffolding.

Particularly acute issue is in the major cities and towns satellites, traditionally save centimeters.

Often, even during construction disputes between neighbors over the border area. And if the boundary is transferred closer to home, it is more difficult in the future maintenance of a house wall.

In such cases, the standard scaffolding just do not fit between the fence and the building. Also need to consider the thickness of the foam and a layer of plaster texture. Our company specially for such cases rents scaffolding width 69 сm.

Assembly scheme and purpose of the elements narrow scaffolding

Narrow scaffolding very easy to operate and by and large do not differ from standard scaffold than the width of the rack.

Racks narrow scaffolding as standard, fixed with horizontals and diagonals, but the boards thickness of 50mm, width of 200-220 mm and a length of at least 4 meters are used as the decking.

Compared with standard scaffolding, we get only one slight drawback - the narrow scaffolding less stable.

We all know from school physics that the wider the construction, so it is more resistant to lateral forces. However, this disadvantage is fully compensated mounts to the wall (or other sorts side boards). On the other hand narrower racks are still lighter.

Simply narrow scaffolding needs a little more fixed to the wall.

Our company constantly monitors the quality of decking to match decking required norms and standards. For example, we constantly monitor to the board had no mechanical damage. Boards with mechanical damage (with traces of saws, jigsaws) do not accept returning scaffolding.

It is also important to floor board has a length of at least 4m for reliable installation on scaffolding.


Flexural the scaffolding - 5 floors house

Flexural the scaffolding


Features and specification of scaffolding for rent Kiev

Additional characteristics of scaffolding 
 Model  LRSP-200 
 Type  frame scaffolding 
 Purpose of scaffolding  fasade works, filing of a roof, etc. 
 Maximum height  40 m 
 Frame scaffolding material  steel 
 Scaffolding metal thickness  2 mm 
 Floor  bolts and wooden shields 
 Regulatory flooring load  200 kg/sq.m 
 Step length between frames  3 m 
 Tier step height, frame height  2 m 
 Height step (minimum possible)  0,5 m 
 Rack with a ladder (Length x Width)  2 m х 1 m 
 Rack pass (L x W)  2 m х 1 m 
 Scaffolding Bolt (Length)  3 m 
 diagonal (D)  3,3 m 
 horizontal (D)  3 m 
 Wooden Shield Decking, (L x W)  1 m х 1 m 
 Rack with a ladder (Weight)  15,26 kg 
 Rack pass (w)  11,76 kg 
 bolt (w)  8,63 kg 
 diagonal (w)  4,01 kg 
 gorizontal (w)  3,64 kg 
 The area of the cell scaffolding  6 m2


You rent scaffolding. Look for suitable rental options scaffolding. Here are the characteristics of our scaffolding rental that we offer.

see also  Passport to scaffolding frame, lightweight


Reinforced racks kit.

When the facade work at high altitudes it is advisable to use the reinforced set of racks on the first three tiers, as well as when working with stone or brick.

The thickness of the metal-reinforced racks is 2.8mm. and as a consequence, these racks have an increased margin of safety and durability and these racks can withstand 1.5 times more load than the rack of steel 2mm.

Since it is known that at high altitudes, on the lowest row of racks acts very heavy load (ie, pressing the weight of the whole structure). And in order to make your work safer on scaffolding, our company provides enhanced rack (unlike other companies that also provide scaffolding for rent).

Reinforced racks kit especially showed their best qualities for bricks masonry.

In addition, we use metal thickness 2 mm in standard set of racks. And we have never made a rack of steel with thickness of 1.5mm for economy in contrast to our fellow competitors, as the rack 1.5mm characteristics significantly worse. These racks are often broken, bent under loads, and proved to be not at its best.


Block lifting mechanism.

We lease block lifting mechanism on the scaffolding.

The main feature of this structure is the speed of assembly, structural reliability, ease of use.

This unit is used to raise the required tier of scaffolding material weighing up to 30 kg, boards for scaffolding, finishing materials, paints and other materials.

With clamps or wedges and clamps to the rack in the right place, "the side mount" is attached to which is attached via fixing element "block mechanism" to the base unit.

With the help of ropes made lifting cargo.


Side expanders the work platform.

Side expanders the work platform used in situations where it is impossible to to install scaffolding close to the front of the building.

Using side extenders the work platform, you can easily reach the remote parts of the facade. It is also extremely useful when performing façade works in the openings of the building and on the visor.

There were mounted side extenders the work platform with clamps and bolts or wedge and band clamp. Then put the board (length 4m) to the site. You can apply the boards of various lengths.


Sets the gain meter jacks for inclines of up to 1m (the length of 3m).

There is a complexity of installation of scaffolding in areas where there are significant differences of height over 0.5m. This usually slopes and pits. In this case, the standard length of 450 mm jacks will not be effective

We suggest you use jacks for formwork, we have developed, transition strips. The need to transition strips obvious, because jacks Formwork thicker. Consequently, they will not stick in the rack for a reason.

Meter jacks have a thickness of 40 mm and a total length of 1m. Compliance with standards of Ukraine and the EU has been certified.

The figure can be seen in detail the installation diagram of threshold strips under 1m jack.


The installation system racks with a difference no greater than 2m. (Restricted height scaffolding)

Not very often, but there are elevation difference during the installation of scaffolding more than 1 m, but up to 2m.

We offer you a for rent system that will put scaffolding, despite such serious elevation changes.

The disadvantage of this system is the restriction of installation racks mounting height scaffolding and special care and responsibility for installation. Since negligence in scaffolding may lead to irreparable consequences, so a safe height to which installed scaffolding, is considered to be no more than 6m.

Such elevation changes commonly found in buildings on steep slopes and, as a rule, in such cases the height of the building does not exceed 8-9 meters.

This system is an extension of one or a few feet of scaffolding by imposing additional pipes are fixed with clamps and bolts or wedge and saddle clamps and additional spacers that allowed us to obtain a reliable connection.

In the lower part, instead of the heel, the jack may be installed if necessary to adjust the height smoothly.


Rack with cutout under the balcony ceiling

There exists a real problem installation of scaffolding on a new multi-storey building with a balcony ceilings.

Strongly projecting balcony slab interfere to install scaffolding close to the front of the building.

Propose to use the rack with cut. Without these racks can be no to install scaffolding close to the building, and workers can not physically get to the wall. Execution of facade work is much more complicated: need to plaster, paint, glue directly from the balcony slabs or apply additional extender platform.

Racks have a cutout height 55mm. and a width of 46cm. Racks come with the top cut and with the bottom cut for ease of installation.

On the balcony ceiling mounted jack to reduce the load on the bearing scaffolding to prevent deformation of the rack.

Jacks are fixed with anchor through corresponding holes in the bottom plate of the jack.


Installation of scaffolding on stairways type LMA, LMF, LMP (GOST 9818-85).

The most common problem in Building - scaffolding on stairways type LMA, LMF, LMP (GOST 9818-85). This is the most common staircases.

As a rule, scaffolding install in open marshes or in the middle of the building, where a very high ceiling. And where ceilings are not greater height is better to use the platform and others.

The figure shows, for in this case the transitional strap and reinforced 1-meter building jacks under which enclose 50-350 mm wooden substrate, depending on the location of scaffolding (March 9 steps).


Scaffolding for painting bridge slabs

You need to paint the bridge slab, and you do not know how to do it with high productivity and safety of the work.

We offer to rent a special scaffolding for painting bridge slabs. They are based on the design front frame scaffold. In the upper part of the structure is rigidly mounted support roller and laterally arranged wheel stops connected clamps, one of which rests on the rails, and the second bridge rests on the base slab as illustrated.

Depending on the type of bridge slab, if necessary, using the lateral expanders platform decking plank.

With the help of these scaffolds work on the restoration and repair of bridge slabs will be pleasant for you.


Example of installation of scaffolding around the towers and buildings circular diameter of 8-12 m.

Installation of scaffolding, by setting the desired height pillars, held together for rigidity pipes (diameter 42 mm, length 3 m), connected with clamps, which ensures the integrity of the structure.

Pillar - one section of forest in length.

Filling working platforms carried boards 50mm and a length of 4 m. For the convenience of going to the pillar scaffolding so that on the one hand were the rack with ladder, and on the other passthrough rack.


Fencing. Railing under the board of 20-40 mm. Quickly removed.

There are several types of side fences. Very popular for rent quick handrail under the board, Barrier meter rack, longitudinal or transverse fence.

The design of quick-handrails is very easy to use. Main elements: base, which is welded to the wedge-shaped saddle clamps and clamp under the boardwalk board 20-40mm. See figure.


Racks meter Barrier. Rack height selection. Rack under the pediment.

Often, as of protective elements are used meter rack height selection, the so-called: meter Barrier post.

Classified into pass-through and ladders.

All racks are fastened together using standard diagonals and horizontals as railing. Compared with quick handrail for these racks do not use the board as a fence, and horizontally.

Barrier meter rack can often be used as racks height selection.

For example, when filing gables questions appear: how to install scaffolding from side of the gable?

The problem occurs when the standard rack is too great height and is not included under the overhang of the roof. And without it will not work to collect another section to get access to verschiny triangle.

Workers can not access to the work area physically (they just do not reach your hands) - and knock homemade platforms.

In this case, just needed meter rack height selection. They are installed in the center the gable in those places where gable has the greatest height.


Mobile tower for rent. Tour mobile based on scaffolds.

Our company provides rental building tours based on conventional scaffolding.

A feature of this construction mobile scaffolding include the ability to install all working platforms.

The mobile tower is very easy to use and very useful when the facade work both outside and finishing and repair work inside the building.

The tower tour is much necessary when performing finishing and repair work in premises with a ceiling height of more than 4m. For example, plasterboard paneling, foam installation of windows, ventilation or perform complex operations.

Also on this tour, you can install any accessories that are suitable for the conventional scaffolding, such as side extenders platform, side mount, side stops, power lifting gear and other devices.


List of mobile elements of the construction tower tours based scaffolding

The figure shows an example of tours installation, height of 2 meters with additional barrier rack.

The proposed construction of the tour consists of standard sections of scaffolding, with overall dimensions: length - 3 m, height - 2 m, width - 1 m.

Example assembling tours:

Further, in the base section of scaffolding put "base diagonal" (3) that the tour did not brake while driving.

When assembling tours that mobile, workers initially collect a section of scaffolding consisting of racks with stairs (2), and a set of diagonals (4) and horizontals (5). Straight through rack tours do not apply.

Under the bottom row of each rack wear heel with wheels (11), in an amount four pieces. And on the top tier, if necessary, workers install Barrier meter rack (rack height selection) which are fixed two (or one) diagonals (4) and horizontal (5), which also function as a handrail for workers.

If necessary alignment tours on uneven ground floor - with a side on rack with the clamp or clamp-wedge attachment (7) install the "side mount" under the jack (6) and jack (8), which also serve as "side stops".

This side attachment may be mounted at any angle of 360 degrees, which does not prevent to install ture in various positions. When the interior work at small heights, "side mount" under the jack is usually not used, because floor level is aligned.

At each wheel, or at least two wheels are provided braking devices which prevent uncontrolled movement of the assembly. At the front of rack are mounted crossbars (9) and decking boards (10), in the right quantity and at the correct height, where workers will work.

Now, this mobile tour is ready to work. After passing personnel safety you can begin to perform work.


Briefly about the company "Scaffolding Kiev"

Our young company in the early years to gain the trust of citizens. We continue to develop all the time: expanding the range elements of scaffolding increases rent fund, we are constantly improving their skills for the production of scaffolds and mobile towers and use new methods in construction. Apply and offer you to rent only reliable elements of design and do not save on safety.

And in this 2022 we are ready to offer you the best conditions of the lease of scaffolding in the Kiev region.

Main activity - renting scaffolding frame type

Complete construction kit: rack-pass, rack with ladders, frames, diagonal, horizontal, ties, crossbars, planks. The site provides information about the frame scaffolding and their advantages. There is a cost calculator Lease chosen construction kit.

Delivery, renting of scaffolds Kiev


You need to make the facade or "hem" the roof, fix the taps, insulate, plaster and paint walls, ceilings. There is a need to rent a scaffolding.


Our advantage over other companies in the rental of scaffolding:

  • Rent universal scaffolding. That allows them to quickly mount on a construction site.
  • The thickness of the metal all the parts of racks, horizontals, diagonals, crossbars- 2 mm, so our Scaffold - lightweight, durable and not shaky as our competitors.
  • Note that most companies make rack of steel metal thickness of 1.5 mm, and advertised as 2 mm. As a result - this time on the third tier dangerous to stand, the whole structure "plays" and you can lose your balance, it is necessary to mount to the wall even low designs or install an additional side stops.
  • We pay special attention to safety and quality control.
  • We give base plate in each set. Greatly increases stability, as rack do not cut the ground, and on the pavement do not leave holes. In addition, if you do not clear the rack with the ground, then the second tier it will not deliver.
  • Availability jacks (length 450mm) - for quick and easy installation on uneven surfaces.
  • Availability of special cylinders (length 800mm) and transition brackets for racks 1st tier to install scaffolding at a significant slope and assembly and installation of scaffolding on a flight of stairs.
  • We have meter (1m) rack under a pediment. Ie where two-meter rack (2m) can not be installed because of the "overhang" of the roof over the wall.
  • Scaffolding step by height is 2 m (stand-pass) and 0.5 m (rack-ladder). That allows them ready to use scaffolding for the execution of masonry
  • We can offer you narrow racks (0.69 m) and narrow scaffolding if the fence interferes with the installation racks scaffolding standard width (1.06 m).


Honesty, punctuality and respect for those who are looking for scaffolding:

On the website under "Gallery" you can see how to look and what it consists of the proposed scaffolding.

We do not promote what we have. What you see on the website, what you get.

True rent price scaffolding in Kiev and Kiev region.

We respect your time that you spend useless due to unscrupulous companies that lure customers low-cost advertising and null and void price. We present only relevant and valid non-advertising rental price of construction equipment.


Full Set:passing racks, racks with ladders, racks, diagonal, horizontal, ties, crossbars of the floor, decking boards. Information about the frame scaffolding and advantages. Estimates the cost of renting the chosen set.

How much is the rental of frame scaffolding?

rent 45 kop/m.kv
* Price rental 1 m scaffolding depends on configuration and additional elements !!!
Shows the average cost of rent 1 sq.m. scaffolding in complete set, which is suitable for most clients ...

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